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X3 Goals

A timeline to the future of XXXchurch

100 new city ministries

100 new city ministries

We will train and equip local leaders to launch outreaches to the sex industry in their city. Since 2011, we have trained leaders who have started successful outreaches in more than 116 cities.

We believe this is just the beginning! Our vision is to create the largest network of trained individuals doing outreach in the sex industry.

The goal is for the network to add 100 new cities and become a catalyst for the love of Jesus to transform entire groups of people who have never experienced such grace.

1,000 new church partners

1,000 new church partners

We will partner with 1,000 churches to reach people through events like Porn Sunday, Porn & Pancakes, Porn & Pastries, & Parenting Events. In an effort to reach as many people as possible through face to face speaking opportunities we are committed to building partnerships with 1,000 churches of various denominations over the next 10 years. Through national PornSunday and other speaking events we will reach this goal.

10,000 in recovery programs

10,000 in recovery programs

We will put 10,000 people in recovery programs online, X3groups or in local recovery groups. Once the secret of addiction is discovered everyone needs a place to recover and grow. In 2008, we launched our 30 day online recovery program called X3Pure. This program alongside of X3groups has served as the #1 online resource for recovery.

In 2015 we also launched a new coaching program for those who need one-on-one mentoring and guidance. So far the results have been great.

We believe this impact must increase substantially over the next 10 years to help 10,000 people in recovery. Whether people experience our recovery programs through the local church or online we must touch the massive need for recovery in the world today.

100,000 Bibles given away

100,000 bibles given away

We will hand out 100,000 bibles at 100 Sexpo’s across the world. In 2006, we started handing out bibles at porn shows that highlighted the controversial cover, Jesus Loves Porn Stars. We have found that the bible when distributed with genuine love confronts people with the reality of Jesus’ acceptance. The bibles portray Jesus’ heart for people and highlights our message: it doesn’t matter who you are or what you have done there is a God who deeply loves you. People have been drawn to read the bible in their hotel rooms, on the convention center floor, and at moments of brokenness.

1,000,000 accountable

1,000,000 accountable

We will get 1 million new users of X3watch over the next ten years. We believe that every day we need to see roughly 300 people start using our software to make this happen. With over 1 million current users we believe the growth must increase and expand to offer widespread accountability around the world.

This vision was birthed from an idea thrown out during an interview in 2002 to a life changing product offering true freedom for many from internet pornography. X3watch monitors where you go online and sends a weekly report of any questionable site you visit to an accountability partner.

$10,000,000 raised

10,000,000 raised

In order to accomplish our goals for the next ten years we have to raise the appropriate funds. For ten million dollars we can accomplish this vision. Money will not stand in the way from the message of freedom we offer the world. We will form new partnerships and sacrifice personally and corporately to achieve this goal.

Through the leadership of XXXchurch, products, our donors, partner churches, and organizations we will raise 10 million dollars over the next 10 years

100,000,000 Aware

100,000,000 aware

We will spread awareness around the globe to 100 million people. News stations, magazines, and newspapers around the world spread our message of love and freedom.
We want the entire world to hear that freedom from pornography is attainable. We don’t want any child to experience early exposure to pornography because their parents were unaware.

Over the next ten years we will work hard to have the biggest megaphone on the issue or pornography to 100 million people.

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