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XXXchurch has been a part of over 2,000 events over the last 15 years. We are here to help your church, school, group or conference begin a discussion about sex, porn and so much more. We have speakers available to travel to your event or free teaching videos to download if you don’t have a budget.

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Free Teaching Videos

This video explains the different events that we can do at your church, school or conference. Craig Gross shares about the range of talks and audience we speak to. If you are considering any event with us, please take a few minutes and watch this video. You can contact us if you want us to travel to your event or you can download for free 3 teaching videos that we have produced and play any of those instead of a live speaker.

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Porn Sunday

What is Porn Sunday? It is an open and honest discussion to bring awareness about the reality of pornography use and abuse that is rampant in the church while bringing hope to those who are struggling with pornography addictions/strongholds. Porn Sunday seeks to drive the conversation about pornography into our churches, families and lives.

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Porn & Pancakes

The greatest men’s breakfast on the planet. Porn and Pancakes is all about the conversation. So… let’s have at it. The morning revolves around great speakers and great conversation about issues that are dominating our lives. This breakfast is straight, to the point and honest talk. Porn and Pancakes provides the next steps for you to walk away with hope to recover or help those struggling with porn addictions.

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Touchy Subjects

It’s a touchscreen world. And it’s full of touchy subjects. As parents, we must have a strategy to guide our kids safely into adulthood. Teaching them how to interact with sex, tech and social media. What’s your approach or do you even have one? Sound appealing? Then this event is for you.


Porn & Pastries

An evening of honest and open talk about porn. If you are a mother, a spouse, or struggle yourself, this night is for you to talk porn. Hear from people who get it—former sex industry insiders, former porn addicts, and the XXXchurch pastors. This event is for women and young women junior high and up.

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Speaking Team

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Speaking is an integral part of the ministry of XXXchurch and the honorariums for speaking help us continue in all that we’re doing. We are passionate about educating the church on the effects of pornography and sharing the reality that people within the church are struggling as much as those outside the church.



Where will the X3 Team be next? To book an event or speaker please call 626.628.3387 , or email [email protected], or fill out the X3 booking form.

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