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Grace… Ya GRACE

by Seth Taylor on August 4th, 2014 in The Haps

Earlier Today,  Craig Gross posted this blog and this youtube video.

My name name is Seth Taylor. You don’t know me and that is okay. I am working on something new that you will hear about later.  Craig asked me to share my thoughts on this conversation because if you haven’t seen what has happened on Facebook... you need too.

There is this ever present conundrum in Christian theology – how does grace hit the stage of life?

It’s like we are all sitting back asking this question about it.

Did he say that we’re all forgiven and there’s nothing we can do that separates us from his love?

Yeah, I think that’s what he said.”

Wait….does that mean we can do what we want without getting sent to hell?

(biting lower lip) “Gosh…..I think so.”

Wow. You sure? That seems kind of….extreme. I mean, the old god was easier to understand. Yeah, he was an a-hole, but I’m not sure this whole love thing makes sense to me.

Well….yeah. But that death was a bit…..extreme. Right? He said he finished something. Maybe the old gods don’t count anymore?

Good point. So, wanna smoke a bowl?

Yeah. I guess so.”

End scene – and then we head off with this strange warm feeling in our bodies instead of the shadowy suppression we’ve always experienced. Love is so confusing. After a while, the warmth starts to outweigh the pain and the need for whatever drug we medicate on starts to fade. This is the redemptive work of love.

The best way to deal with Pharisees is to recognize that it’s a very specific energy -and it’s demonic at the core. And then stay back from it. People are going to say what they are going to say and it still remains the choice for everyone to set foot on the path. Sheena has chosen a path and there will always be those who will judge her for not being farther down the path than she is or not walking it fast enough. But to deny that God is with her on that path is where we begin to project onto Sheena the absence of God that we feel at the core. Pharisees feel abandoned by God at the core of their unconscious.  It’s very painful when the demonic camps out in those wounds. It’s all energy. Sheena has this beautiful innocence in her experience of God in that she is clinging desperately to this promise that seems to have been made to her by the Spirit – that she would be loved no matter what. And no matter how hard the world tries to steal that promise from her, she is hanging on. And it’s encounters like the one she had with the people of God at the show, that draw her into deeper experiences of that transformative love.

We have to stop judging people for not being in the “right” place on the path. We have to draw each other further down the path by showing them that path is 1) safe and 2) full of beauty. The #1 motivation for every human being is to be loved. and we seek that from so many different places and at different levels of consciousness. Her video was a beautiful example of 2 Corinthians 12. When “sin” rises, grace rises higher.




  • DL

    When I saw Sheena’s video I was in tears. Her experience of God’s love is so beautiful. She doesn’t know a God who knocks her down but one who loves her, knows her and helps her up. The first kind of “love” shatters; the second heals.

  • Jaron J. Rice

    I have supported XXXChurch for many years. As a former porn/sex addict who has been clean for 6 years now, their ministry hits close to home for me. That said, I do not agree with Sheena or her interpretation of the gospel, and I think that her theology is dangerous. Yes, God loves porn stars and Jesus died to save their souls. But Jesus didn’t die for her sin so that she could willfully continue in them. The Apostle Paul is very, very clear about that. She is right that we are in no place to “judge” her relationship with God. But, Jesus said that you shall know a tree by its fruit, and her fruit is rotten, plain and simple. She’s very clear in the video that she didn’t just stumble upon the gospel yesterday. It’s not like she’s newly saved and still working her new faith into her life while taking steps to change her behavior and her actions. She seems more than comfortable with her sin and the fact that God loves her. I’m not standing on a soapbox to shout from the rooftop that she’s going to he’ll like a judgmental zealot, but God loves everyone, even the people He condemns to hell. While God loves her, I can guarantee that He is not pleased with her sin, and He did not take her down the path of porn as she claims. There is nothing in the Bible thay supports that. Having the support of porn stars like her is great publicity for XXXChurch, but I’d rather have God’s approval than hers. I pray thay she truly repents and fully understands the redemptive power of the blood of Jesus. I’ve learned that you cannot know Jesus intimately and not change. If you’re not changing you must first question if you truly, truly know him.

    • Jillybnz

      I am so glad you shared this…. My heart just really bled to listen to her. I am really concerned about this “new” Gospel that seems to be presented more and more. What she doesn’t seem to realize is that He died for her SINS that she may be set free from them. Go and sin no more….. to continue on in them, and to justify that Jesus loves me is kind of spitting on His Cross, and all that He suffered to have her Sins obliterated, washed before the Father, and to set her free from the bondage of Sin, and its destruction. Sin leads to death…. I don’t agree with the “Religious” slamming her down either, but many are just concerned for her per what the scriptures declares about those that continue on in sin, after knowing the truth. Yes, you are right, you will know them by their fruit… and so many more scriptures that truly show when a person has been “Born Again,” and loves and follows Jesus. To love the World, is to be an enemy of God! So sad that so many are so deceived into this type of teaching. So Sad….. It is not God’s plan for her to do Porn, or anything sinful. God does not condone sin, He sent His SON to die for our SINS. Dear Jesus, please help her to surrender her heart and life completely to you. Help her to read your Word, and to understand that Satan, also can appear as angel of light… 🙁

  • Javier

    This video is still sick and those who condone her clearly don’t understand scripture. The issue I have is that she’s still doing porn and saying it’s ok because it’s Gods plan for her. And then people getting mad because there’s Christians that are upset with this being condone. And then you say those who disagree are Pharisees. The church is a mess because of this gross idea of grace being pushed in this article. We all fall to something, but we shouldn’t blantly continue in it. How about if I lived in adultery and them can got saved but continued in adulatory even though I knew it was wrong. But it’s coll because this is where God has me right now. See how bad this logic is. Would you praise me for this lifestyle or would you tell me it’s wrong

  • Brawnson

    Guess what?… Most Christians have no clue what God really wants, because the ideas they have about morality are based on a Christian subculture that has become hardwired into the faith. That subculture is relied on more than the truth of what God actually says.

    Let’s really look at this shall we. Most Christians believe that fornication is a sin and they believe that this is sin defined as choosing to sleep with a person before you have married them (or a person you never intend to marry).

    The problem is that fornication has nothing to do with sleeping with a person that you are not married to. How could I say such a thing? Surely I am being Biblically illiterate. No… and here is why.

    Fornication, as defined in the New Testament, is based on laws of morality spelled out in the Old Testament. It was a single word that enveloped all acts of sexual immorality laid out in the Levitical law. These includes such things as sex with animals, sex with brothers or sisters, sex with ones aunt or uncle etc. This list of sexual indiscretions is considered so serious that the penalty for committing them was death by stoning.

    Now… Guess which sex act is not listed amongst all these sins, which fall under the umbrella of acts of fornication. First person to say pre-marital sex gets a Twinkie. On second thought, I better put that back in my pocket.

    The truth is that fornication has nothing to do with pre-marital sex. However, before anyone says it just fits in between the lines and I want to have lots of sex with lots of woman (that last part is actually true), it can be proven that sex outside of marriage between a man and a woman is a totally different item.

    There is another section of Old Testament law that deals with sex outside of marriage. It says that if an unmarried man and woman sleep together, a man must offer to marry the woman and pay the dowry required. However, the girls father can decline the marriage and if the horny young lad want to maintain his standing in the community, he should still pay the dowry fee regardless (making for a rather expensive one night stand). You’ll find this outlined in
    Deuteronomy 22.

    Before you suggest it… the penalty of death has no application to the above premarital sex romp. In fact, the penalty a man faces for refusing to marry a girl he has slept with is for him to be slapped in the face with the woman’s sandal in the presence of the community – kind of like a dramatic “YOU BASTARD!” shaming. In other words, the penalty of not taking responsibility for your relationships is simply getting a bad rep for mutually consensual adult sex that makes a woman look easy (in the eyes of Jewish law). However, God lays no death related sin penalty on this in the Old Testament law.

    Now fast forward to today and we have Christian’s everywhere telling their kids that they will burn in Hell forever if they have premarital sex and don’t repent or get married. They don’t have a clue that they are actually totally ignorant of what their own book says and simply condemning their kids to a shame filled battle with their hormones at best. At worst they force them to marry over this guilt and saddle them with a life of Hell on earth when their one night poke becomes an unintended life partner.

    Maybe Christians should just admit that they don’t have a clue about porn and give the poor girl in the video a sandal, so she can at least slap a few John’s in the face when they start telling her she’s going to Hell.

    • Mud angel

      Your logic is flawed. While the bible is unfortunately very vague when it comes to this subject it is not meant that premarital sex is ok. Many things are not clearly defined in the bible yet we count them as sin based on the principles that are clearly defined. For example, the bible says nothing about drug use. Yet it does say do not be drunk with wine. Do we can conclude that God also frowns upon being high,as well as drunk. The bible never condones sex outside of marriage. The woman at the well he told to go and sin no more. Which I would take to mean her relationship, living with a man who she was not married to, was sinful. Paul also says in corrinthians 7:9 that it is better to marry than to burn with passion. Not have “consensual sex with a good girl” or masturbate” he told them to marry. I don’t think that sex outside of marriage means you will burn in hell. But it is clearly not in Gods plan. God wants us to love Him more than anything else, including sex. And to put women’s hearts first, and their bodies last. Any man who thinks he can sleep with a woman without commitment and not do damage to her heart is fooling himself. And a man who watches porn and thinks he is not worshiping sex instead of God is fooling himself. Both are selfish self serving acts and he is blinded.

      • Brawnson

        With all due respect, I would suggest that you have not revealed any evidence to support your contention that my logic is flawed. In fact, my initial post actually references Mosaic law around fornication (the foundation for defining all Judeo/Christian moralistic terminology) and also provides the literal examination of what happens with people having sex outside marriage in contrast (see my Deuteronomy reference). On the other hand, you have countered by providing generally vague terms (Paul’s undefined use of the term to “burn” or the story of Jesus at the well) and have stated a number of assumptions that you indicate are based on your sense of what God would or would not do.

        This was exactly my point though. So many Christians base their judgements on a gut instinct about the nature of God, which they assume comes from understanding God. However, it is actually based on a cultural Christian bias that has developed since Christianity departed from its more Jewish roots.

        When you actually look at what the words mean and what the line is between sin and personal responsibility, you begin to see that christians condemn things that God does not (or at least they condemn people in a much harsher way than God does).

        What you’r misunderstanding is that my initial post is not giving a blank check to people who want to have sex outside marriage, under the guise of suggesting God is completely okay with it. I am simply suggesting that God makes a distinction between true fornication (sex with animals and incest etc.) and the biologically natural urge to copulate with the opposite sex.

        In the first case God declares fornication as a sin punishable by death. However, in the case of sex before marriage, God acknowledges the natural human urge and simply requires that people recognize a need to be responsible for the relationships they engage in. The penalty for irresponsibility in this regard is not death (or a major declaration of sin), but it is shame withing the community and the family. Why is there shame? The shame comes from the possibility that one might callously take a woman out of sexual desire and have no willingness to commit to her as a whole person. This is a concern to her family and to her future well being, as it presents a risk to her future and any potential child that comes from the union.

        God understands and appreciates human nature and desire for sex and for this reason he has not classified sex before marriage as something worthy of a death penalty (as outlined in Leviticus). He just wants us to be responsible for the relationships we choose to engage in and care enough about the people we are with to follow through.

        The sad thing is that the more just understanding of sex before marriage that God defines is not enough for Christians. They need a bigger stick to hit people with when it comes to pre-marital sex. They need to call it “fornication”. They need to call it “sin”. They need to call it worthy of Hell fire.
        The truth is that God calls it none of these things and you’ll have to prove my logic wrong by arguing with Leviticus and Deuteronomy, not just supposing what Paul meant when he said “burn” or when Jesus told a woman at a well to stop sleeping with married men (a very different issue).

        Please don’t take this as an antagonistic response, as I do appreciate the challenge and recognize it as familiar. I simply offer a challenge to your position and appreciate your willingness to engage.

        • Matt

          Just wanted to point out in Duetoronomy 22: 13-21 it talks about a maan taking a wife and finding she is not a virgin the punishment is for her to be stoned to death in front of her fathers door for being promiscuous in her fathers house.

          Secondly in Matthew 5:21-22 Jesus himself says that being angry with someone deserves the same judgement as murder and in verses 27-28 that looking at a woman lustfully is the same as committed adultery. Adultery is punishable by death according to Deuteronomy 22:22. Sin is sin. It is all deserving of eternal seperation from God. But, Paul says in Romans 5:20 – 6:14 that where sin increased, grace increased all the more, but he also says we are not to keep sinning to increase grace and specifically in verse 12&13 therefore do not let sin reign in your mortal body so that you obey it’s evil desires. Do not offer parts of your body to sin, but rather offer yourselves to God, as those who have been brought from death to life

          All sin deserves death because Gods standards are so high. Tht is why he sent Jesusbto die for us. Jesus not only fulfilled the law. He raised the standards but He also have us hope and grace through faith. I apologize for paraphrasing. I am not a bible scholar nor an extremely good typist. I encourage everyone to look at thier bibles to find the answers and not just take my word for it. Or anyone else’s for that matter

          • Brawnson

            Great challenges Matt, but I don’t know that we’ll agree on the interpretation of the verses you’ve pointed out.

            First, Deuteronomy 22:13-21 is not outlining a punishment simply for sex before marriage. The situation described here is one where a woman is passing herself off as a virgin in order to marry a man (who would have paid a dowry by the way) that expects a virgin for a wife. This woman also has her family advocating for her virginity to the man that has taken their daughter. There is no doubt that virginity was a prized possession, especially considering the importance of lineage in that day and how a woman that hid her sexual conduct might also be hiding a pregnancy from another man.

            Also, the Mosaic law demanded that fathers were not to drive their daughters into harlotry (Leviticus 19:29). If a woman was claiming to be a virgin and had the support of her family, only two possibilities would remain if a woman was found to be lying. Either she was lying about a previous sexual encounter, all on her own, or her father was colluding with her in order to cover her past sexual deeds, often for the sake of covering an unwed pregnancy. (Even if the daughter wasn’t pregnant, the father could be guilty of hiding his daughters harlotry and passing her off as an unblemished bride.) This latter scenario would make her father guilty of breaking the law of allowing ones daughter to be a harlot in his own home.

            The death penalty, when you look at the entirety of the above, is applied for an attempt to entrap a groom into marriage under false pretenses. It is also a punishment that emphasizes how vital it is that a father not permit his daughter to live as a harlot in his home (especially if he wants to marry her off as a virgin). Again, none of what you point to in this first set of verses condemns plain sex before marriage, particualry in the same way as the fornication laws condemn bestiality or incest etc.

            There are many problems with your second citation of Jesus words, so I won’t cover it completely. However, I will say that adultery is not the same as sex before marriage. Therefore, even if I don’t tackle the problems with modern translations and understandings of the word adultery, sticking with the familiar, this set of verses actually is only talking about a man being wrong for lusting after a married woman. Again, I would suggest that the issue of adultery does not address two unmarried people lusting after each other or having premarital sex for that matter.

            You run into the same problem by referencing Deuteronomy 22:22, as this verse has nothing to do with sex before marriage. It deals exclusively with a man sleeping with a woman that is married to another man – adultery.

            Since Paul has no claim to being able to add to the law of God (lest he claim to be on God’s level), there is nothing in what you quote of Paul that addresses the question at hand. Namely, the question of how God really looks at pre-marital sex, as he defines clearly in the Mosaic law.

            The Mosaic law actually does address this question clearly, as I pointed out in my earlier post. Deuteronomy 22:28 outlines that two unmarried person who engage in sex are not deemed to have committed an act worthy of death (which is often cited as the price for sin) or even an act of immorality. They are simply required to be willing to follow through on their actions (should that be deemed acceptable) and even that can be rejected by the father, while life carries on as usual. Even if there is no follow through, God does not outline a death penalty, unless their are attempts to cover up the premarital sex act.

            That’s not my view. That is what the Bible says clearly about straight up sex before marriage.

            Christianity has imposed its own moral standard (by suggesting that premarital sex is a sin worthy of death) that God himself does not impose. I suggest that it is this error filled Christian subcultural understanding that has created an oppressive attitude that God never intended, as His own law does not call premarital sex (on its own) an act worthy of death.

            If I’m wrong, show a clear example of where God sentences to death two unwed people, of the opposite sex, who have sex (without later trying to marry some other poor guy who has no clue he isn’t marrying a virgin). I doubt you’ll find it, as God has been much more understanding on this issue than Christian have over the years.

          • Matt

            I am not a bible scholar and am too new of a real Christian to be able to find the proof that you want me to find. It sounds as if you are wanting to justify your behaviors and believe me I get that. The only thing I will su is that your verse (Deuteronomy 22:28-29) states that the man rapes the girl and that he is not allowed to divorce her ever. At the time Duetoronomy was written divorce was allowed. So your “proof” is also out of context it seems. I am not trying to start a war but the simple truth is that no sin is greater or less than any other sin after Jesus came. We are all sinners in need of a savior and justifying “lesser” sins will only lead to trouble. Believe me on that I know this from personal experience. (From it is ok to talk to girls when I’m married all the way to getting divorced because of infidelity and being emotionally absent because of pornography). These “little sins” lead the way to bigger sins as you become accustomed to the little ones and the next worse sin doesn’t seem all that wrong. Will God forgive people for having premarital sex. Yes. The same as he has forgiven me for commuting adultery. Are there serious consequences when we have sex outside of marriage whether pre-marital or adulterous. Yes. Just because I care about someone and am gentle with them does not mean that god is ok with us having sex outside of marriage

          • Brawnson

            I make no claim to be a Bible scholar either. However, there is no need to be a scholar when examining and referencing the plain text. The Bible either says what you claim or it does not. I am simply pointing out that you (and most Christians) are unable to point to a clear law of God that condemns sex before marriage as a deadly sin (leaving aside situations where one is hiding it or committing adultery).

            Unfortunately since you can’t address the challenge I am presenting you are making a baseless statement, suggesting I am simply trying to justify my behavior.

            In truth, unless you can provide a proof for your need to guilt people about premarital sex being a deadly sin, it is you that are attempting to justify your need to judge others and add to God’s law. Jesus himself spoke against the Pharisees on this very issue, as he was angry at them for adding to the laws of Moses and said that these added rules weighed people down with their traditions (which did not come from God).

            If what you claim about premarital sex being a sin is true and it’s not just a later Christian guilt tradition, don’t hide behind accusing me of attempting to justify my behavior without backing it up. Show what God says in scripture that supports your contention. If you can’t show this (as most Christians can’t) then you are simply guilty of imposing your own moral standard over God’s.

            You mention Deuteronomy 22:28-29 as being taken out of context, but I disagree. It is an assumption that these verses are addressing situations of rape as numerous commentaries on this explain that it can be read as a situation that is not forced. Were this not the case, the verse would force a father to hand a daughter over to her rapist. However, the context suggests that this verse provides a way for a father (and his daughter) to demand accountability from a man that seduces the girl in question. To suggest otherwise is to suggest the Bible commands fathers give their daughters to rapists. The one thing that is obvious in these verses is the fact that when two unmarried person have sex there is no death penalty for premarital sex, despite the Christian guilt tradition of suggesting people are committing a deadly sin by doing so.

            Don’t try and justify a bias or mislabel adultery as the same thing. Prove where God takes issue with these things. If you can’t, how do you know that you aren’t holding to a false tradition that ultimately gets used to shower unwarranted guilt on people (making you guilty of what Jesus accused the Pharisees of – see Matthew 23:4).

            There are consequences for actions and for sins, but not all unwise actions (sex before marriage, leading to potential pregnancy) are shown to be sins. If this is not so, you don’t need to accuse me of trying to justify my behavior. You need to show proof in the scripture (lest you become guilty of adding to God’s word on the matter).

          • matt

            I apologize for making the assumption that you are trying to justify your behavior. I made that assumption based on your first post where you state you want to have lots of sex with lots of women. There are many issues discussed in the Bible that do not make sense at times if we are to take the Bible literally as suggested. My best argument would be to pray and try to discern God’s will for your life.

          • Brawnson

            Touche… Prayer and listening for God’s voice are two action that I can’t argue with.
            As for having a desire to have sex with lots of attractive women… well… that part is true. However, as a married guy, the stability of my family is far more important than my desire to share my DNA around the planet. That said, premarital sex is no longer an issue for me, but it was fun to banter. Thanks. 🙂

          • Jared

            Sorry to jump in like this. I have been enjoying reading the discussion. I just wanted to say thank you to Brawnson for causing me to think about these things in more depth than I ever have before. I did want to provide one more Old Testament example where sex outside of marriage (not adultery) was wrong and had serious consequences. 1 Samuel 2:22-23 Now Eli, who was very old, heard about everything his sons were doing to all Israel and how they slept with the women who served at the entrance to the Tent of Meeting. So he said to them, “Why do you do such things? I hear from all the people about these wicked deeds of yours. God ended up Killing Eli’s Sons and Eli (because Eli did not restrain them) because of doing these things. Of course there were other ways that his sons were sinning, but he mentions sleeping with the serving women as one of the sins that was punishable by death. I agree that having sex outside of marriage is not punishable by death. God can forgive all sin. When it comes down to it, everyone needs forgiveness. It is wrong for Christians to look down on people because they have sex before marriage. It is wrong to gossip and judge and condemn people for any sin. It is unwise for people to engage in sex (even consensual sex) before marriage for much more than the risk of getting pregnant. Sex also unites the two people who enjoy it. Sex before marriage is foolish but it is much more foolish to marry too quickly in order to have ‘guiltless sex’. Premarital sex is like divorcing a spouse for marital infidelity. God has allowed it under certain circumstances, but this in no way means it is part of his original plan. My wife and I were virgins when we were married, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I don’t know about you, but I would prefer to live as close as I can to God’s original plan for my life rather then riding the line. As Paul says All things are lawful, but not all things are profitable. All things are lawful, but not all things edify.

          • Brawnson

            Good to have you in the conversation Jared. Your 1 Samuel 2:22-23 reference is an interest point to note on this issue. However, here again we have to strain to make a direct connection to sex before marriage. In reality, the issues around Eli’s sons are displayed as being much broader (as you point out). They had a general disregard for the law. Meanwhile their father was in a position of influence, so this abuse of their station was a double disgrace to bring such shame on the office of their father.

            All that said, this passage does not spell out an example of premarital sex being a sin. There are too many variables here to deduce something that specific. The woman at the Tent Of Meeting served a specific public function and for them to fall into harlotry (the term used for unmarried woman who had random or unwed sexual encounters), poses a problem for the position they hold. The son’s of Eli were certainly doing something that caused and brought shame, but it is not stated that the mere act of premarital sex did this. Rather, it would seem their cavalier attitude about sex and all of God’s laws culminated in their demise.

            You mention that sex before marriage is wrong, but again I challenge you to find any law that spells this out clearly and without an ambiguous context. The truth is that premarital sex is never categorized as a sin when two loving, responsible and consenting adults engage in it. The only reference to this specific issue is when God outlines how one is to take responsibility for the person they sleep with in order to avoid bringing shame to a woman or her family.
            That said, God had no problem being specific about defining what is clearly sin regarding sex. He spelled this out in Leviticus and defined the punishment for those sins as death. Basic and responsible premarital sex is not defined as sin anywhere in these definitions.
            I agree with you that premarital sex is usually very unwise, increasing the chances of pregnancy and confusing relationships matters etc. However, actions that lack wisdom need to be distinguished from actions that God sees as sin. Christianity has become a propagator of sin guilt by selectively classifying premarital sex as sin rather than simply understanding God’s desire for people to be responsible, so they can appreciate the value of sex in marriage. Instead people live in guilt and fear when they are unwed and cave to sexual desire. Rather than see that they may be wiser to avoid sex, many young people feel this “sin” definition hangs over their heads and they have to get married to clear their name with God.
            The reality is that God has not made a sin declaration on this though and so the real issue to consider is how best to approach ones relationships with consideration and wisdom.

            Let me really throw a wrench into this… If the above is not so and God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow… then why was King David not judged for his many concubines? You may say he suffered certain consequences around these issues. However, despite his being scolded for taking another man’s woman, the issue of his sexual habits were never made a focus. Isn’t it strange that Christians make such an issue out of premarital sex that Christian teenagers the world over fear burning in Hell for it? You would think King David’s habits might present a perfect opportunity for God to make a law pronouncement on the issue, so that he could provide some unambiguous scriptural back-up to all the parents that and teachers who lay out the Hell fire consequences.

  • prho

    When I viewed the video I chose not to answer theologically but pastorally. I saw this video as a testimony of sort saying “this is where I am today” and her audience were fans and friends not students in a seminary theology class. I CHOSE to view this in such a way that I could rejoice with where she is today and pray that she continues to grow in her faith. I hope that her imperfect witness (but it was a witness!) will move some of her fans towards Jesus. Alas, if her fans see or SENSE (perception is reality) that Christians are jumping all over her and are really mean spirited then her witness will be marginalized. So if we want to discuss theology, let’s find another site to do it. I think there are a couple sites out there somewhere. 🙂
    We Christians often chew up our new converts especially if they are “famous”. I’ve seen it before where BJ Thomas, Bob Dylan and host of others met Christians that were mean spirited. We demand too much of young Christians.
    I’m going off now to pray for Sheena Rose. I think that would be a better use of my time than theologically dissecting her video. Hope others will join me!

  • Unavailable

    I don’t understand…how could you support someone who claims that it is totally okay to pervert the greatest gift God gave us willingly, lead thousands of families down to death and talk about gods love at the same time? The love of my life battles this addictions, so hard. It causes so incredibly much pain. And by this video, what people get is that we can have a realtionship with god and embrace our sin at the same time. Im so sad and schocked…and thats not judging, that is called fearing God. The god who hates sind so much because he is HOLY. I believe god loves her, and I struggle to love those women because I am so hurt, but it is so disrespectful to my Jesus that I am crying.

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